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Brand: The Skin Poet

proXN Boost Up Ampoule

proXN Boost Up Ampoule

Size: 7ml

The Boost Up Ampoule enhances the effectiveness of brightening and anti-ageing treatments.  The formula is based on a unique combination of two substances: retinol and hydroxystearic acid.

The combination of these two substances in one formula not only increases the effectiveness of retinol while reducing its concentration and the risk of hypersensitivity but also contributes to achieving better results in the production of collagen fibers (the use of these two ingredients increases the amount of collagen III by 238%).

What’s more, hydroxystearic acid is an important component that significantly reduces the induction of the p53 marker by UV radiation. The p53 protein plays a crucial role in the melanogenesis pathway. This ingredient is also characterized by a strong reduction in the formation of cells damaged by UV radiation - it has a photoprotective effect and prevents photo ageing. The unique formula of the ampoule ensures high stability and effectiveness of the substances due to their activation right before use.

Key Ingredients

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How to use

Ingredients (Full List)

Retinol (1%),
Hydroxystearic acid,
Coenzyme Q10

Expected Results

Increases skin elasticity and density.


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